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RPTA 122: Perspectives on Leisure

RPTA 122

Catalog Description: Basic philosophical, historical, psychological and scientific foundations and developments in leisure and recreation theory; review of the cultural forces, institutions and theories that affect individuals and society. Prerequisite: Passing score on the WPE.

Number of Units: 3

Course Objectives

* Discuss the fundamental philosophical concepts of leisure.

* Explore the relationships of the basic leisure philosophies and theories to contemporary life and career concern.

* Review the historical development of work and leisure and the role of leisure in a balanced life.

* Become aware of who you are through examination of your personality, values, leisure motivations, lifestyle wants and goals for your future.

* Fulfill the Writing Intensive graduation requirement.

Required Readings and Activities


Custom Text in the bookstore (4 Chapters) - make sure you get the correct book (valid for Sheppard only)

The Life and Times of the Last Kid Picked by David Benjamin (Kindle edition)



Section 122-04 Sept 12/19 during the whole class period
Section 122-14 Sept 22/Oct 13 9am-Noon

Cost - $50 payable directly to Peak Adventures in advance.

Movie screenings, in-class activities, and discussions during class time.

Class Schedule

The class schedule, subject to change, may be found on the class website, linked from the instructor’s page.  Details may include discussion topics, in-class activities and screenings, dates that assignments will be given, dates that assignments are due (both reading and writing assignments).

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend class meetings and to arrive on time and ready to participate with work that is due on that date already completed and formatted in accordance with the requirements for writing assignments.  On some due dates, there may be a discussion of the work that is due.  During most class periods, there will be an activity or a movie screening and students are expected to remain for the duration of the period. 

Class attendance will be taken and students are permitted to miss one period without penalty, while still being responsible for any content missed.  Class absences beyond that will result in a loss of six (6) points for a 15 week session and ten (10) points for a half-semester session for each additional absence (the course is graded out of 100 points).  Partial absences may be penalized on a pro-rated basis. You may not miss a Ropes Course day.

Writing Assignments

This course has been designed to satisfy, amongst other objectives, the University’s Writing Intensive course graduation requirement.  As such, it requires a minimum of 5,000 words of assigned writing.  For this reason, each of the assignments in this class has a minimum word requirement and will not be graded unless that minimum length is met.  Similarly, regardless of the cumulative grade that is achieved in assignments that have been completed and submitted, students will not receive a passing grade in the course unless all written assignments have been completed in accordance with these minimum requirements for length

All writing assignments must follow the following format requirements:

  • Black ink on white paper, typed or printed.
  • 12-point Times New Roman or 10-point Arial font.
  • One inch margins top, bottom, left, and right.
  • Multiple pages must be stapled – no folds or clips.
  • The following information is to be included (top of the first page, no cover sheets);
    • Your name
    • “RPTA 122-section#) Sheppard”
    • The assignment title
    • The total word count, not including titles or this list of information
  • APA style (preferred, or another recognized academic style if used consistently).

Assignments that are not submitted by the specified due date (but less one week late) will be graded based on 50% of the available points.  Assignments that are more than one week late will receive no grade points but are still required to satisfy the cumulative word count for the course.

All of the written assignments are associated with another component assignment without which the written assignment may not be completed or submitted.  However, in each case, it is the written assignment itself that carries the point value and which is necessary to achieve the word count total for the course.  The nature of each assignment will be discussed in class and also posted on the website.


[Detailed information on the writing assignments, including length requirements and point values can be found on the Writing Assignments page.]